Areas of Legal Practice

Prashant Law firm deals in different areas of legal practice. We help in protecting a person’s property rights, intellectual rights and cases related to immigration, etc. We have given below all the areas in which our firm work, with detailed explanation.

Our team of lawyers can also help if a person has more than 1 type of legal problems. For example, if a person wants to immigrate to the US and also buy a property there. Then our lawyers can help him in both matters. Our prospective clients are requested to openly tell our lawyers about any other legal issue along with the major legal concern. An attorney needs to have all the necessary details about his client before presenting his/her case in any type of legal matter.

About Prashant Law Firm, P.C

About Prashant Law Firm, P.C

The Prashant Law Firm, P.C. with offices in New York (Manhattan) & New Jersey (Princeton, Edison & Jersey City) provides cost-effective legal services to individuals and companies alike. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of our services and strive to meet your legal challenges. We also provide our clients with matter-of-fact legal advice that only an experienced lawyer can provide.

We assume a leading position when it comes to solving your legal matter. We are a team of experienced attorneys who will help you guide remarkably through every phase of the legal matter to deliver optimal solutions ultimately. Our focus is on representing you, the client.

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