Residential & Commercial Real Estate Attorney New Jersey, NJ

Real Estate Attorney in New Jersey

Mr. Prashant Bhatia is a distinguished and reputed residential and commercial real estate attorney of new jersey and new york. Mr. Prashant and his team makes buying or selling of properties easy, fast and without any complications. Prashant law firm serves in all aspects of real estate transactions including financing or leasing along with buying or selling of real estate properties.

The team has pulled off many complicated deals in the past. The firm has a huge experience in real estate law both in districts of new jersey and new york. Mr. Prashant and his team can handle real estate litigation matters better than anyone else in new jersey or new york.

The firm deals in following list of litigation matters:-

  • Purchase or sale of residential and commercial real estate
  • Construction and Development Contracts
  • Landlord-Tenant Contracts
  • Short Sales & Loan modifications
  • Refinancing
  • Title insurance

Why should you hire a real estate attorney?

Well, it may not be completely necessary to hire an attorney for real estate matters, but still provides a range of advantages. First of all, your real estate attorney will ensure that your rights are protected in a real estate deal and you do not suffer any loss personal or financial due to some lapse in your legal contract for the deal. Moreover, Prashant law firm has a vast experience to realize the nature and importance of a real estate transaction. Therefore, they have a better know how over real estate transactions of different nature and they give importance to them accordingly.

Advantage of hiring Prashant law firm for real estate transactions?

Mr. Prashant along with his team has been able to fasten up the proceedings in many cases where the transaction got slowed due to some legal technicality. The whole team constantly remain connected to their clients through the entire time period of the transaction until the deal is closed. Interested clients can call him or the team any time and they will give presentation to them containing case specific solutions to their real estate problems.

Mr. Prashant and his team represent everyone from the general public to developers to the investors. They represent them in a range of matters including purchase, growth, funding and sale of real estate properties. The firm can handle any other type of legal issue related to a client’s real estate property if it is needed.

Call on us for effective and aggressive legal help

Call us today to discuss your case and get the best advice for all your legal problems. Prashant Law Firm, P.C will provide you the best available legal options and that too within a reasonable cost. Our team aims to get cases resolved within a fixed time period so that our clients do not waste their time and money unnecessarily. Please check the following links to know about legal services provided for different categories:

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