Real Estate Attorney New York, NY

Real Estate Attorney in New York

Buying or selling property in New York can sometimes be troublesome. Mr. Prashant Bhatia is the best real estate attorney in New York who excels in the smooth completion of all real estate transactions. Along with regular transactions, Mr. Prashant also has huge experience in cases like financing or leasing real estate properties.

House related issues

Some issues related to residential properties like property renovation or housing code violations are more complex than others. Mr. Prashant being the best real estate attorney in New York provides comprehensive legal solutions for such cases.

Commercial real estate properties

Mr. Prashant being an experienced real estate lawyer in New York also deals with various commercial property issues. Some of them include purchasing and selling offices and warehouses, maintaining property agreements, forming LLC’s for ownership and disposition, and planning the use of land.

Handling disputed properties

Mr. Prashant the best real estate attorney NY works hard to resolve property disputes in the least possible time. Several cases related to buying or selling agreements, foreclosures, House Insurance or time period of a lease on a property have been resolved by Mr. Prashant and his experienced team of lawyers.

Documents or company-related issues

Mr. Prashant’s team gives special attention to issues like reviewing contracts and drafting property documents. The team also helps resolve issues between two or more companies involved in a real estate partnership.

Handling Negotiations

Mr. Prashant is an expert in leading negotiations in cases of disputes. He has brought several disputes to a closure which helped his clients to save their money and time.

All the above-mentioned benefits make Prashant law firm the perfect place to get all property-related issues resolved.

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