Copyright Attorney in New Jersey

Copyright Attorney in New Jersey

Prashant law firm works hard to protect its clients in and around New Jersey from copyright infringement cases. Copyright law protects forms of scientific and artistic work from being duplicated or used, without the prior knowledge and consent of the legal owner or the original producer of the work. A copyright attorney is the one who deals in cases of copyright violations and protects the works of its clients under the copyright law.

Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is the most common form of copyright violation. In the case of copyright infringement, the work protected under the copyright law is used, reproduced, distributed, or displayed without the prior knowledge or consent of the legal owner. Attorneys at Prashant law firm has enough experience to deal with such cases efficiently.

Artistic property theft

Artworks can be in the form of movies, plays, music, books or drawing, and painting, etc. Unauthorized use of them like displaying or reproducing them without consent comes under Artistic property theft. At Prashant law firm, you will get the best legal solutions to deal with such cases. Different lawyers are available to provide legal solutions for different fields of art.

Prashant law firm pays special attention to the likes of photographers and book publishers.

Scientific property theft

Scientific property can be either a scientific discovery, a new technology, or an update in the current form of work. Attorneys at Prashant law firm provides legal services to protect all kinds of scientific work. Scientific properties generally have a value in millions or billions of dollars, so protecting them from copyright violation is a big task. You may need an experienced attorney for this purpose and Prashant law firm provides the same. If in some cases settlement or out of court resolution could not be achieved, then we will be ready to litigate for you.

You should always remember that copyright law is to protect your right to being paid for your work. You should be ready to fight if someone tries to take away that from you.

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